About Us / Über Uns

Author: Željana Varga

Born in Croatia 1967

Finished University of Journalism,
Mr.sc., 1994

Owner of private company since 1986

2002-semipresion stones jewelry Certification Course finished, in China

2006-metal jewelry Course finished in Zagreb, Croatia

2007-silver jewelry Course finished, in Island


With pride and confidence I am showing you my creations. Each creations will help you to express yourselves as unique person as well as each of my creations are unique.

With this genuine designs and funky look ,Heavens Jewelry has created contemporary ,exotic and unique collection for each contemporary women who comprehend fashion,style and beauty.

Made with the best materials,aggressive designs beyond imaginations and an uncompromising attention to meticulous details, Heavens Jewelry is looking to take the world of jewelry to a whole new level.

Designed by Željana , I use European inspiration with knowledge from all over the world, to develop this unique look.

Designed with simplicity,functionality and subtle touches of ” I am who I am” kind-of-feel , this jewelry have a mission to make you stand out.

The collection is to salute to all women out there who are making it for themselves.


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